Our Puppies

Our Puppies Arrival

With great excitement on days leading up to birth we prepare our whelping room and we stay with our mum constantly in the days leading upto birth and after birth gently handling our new arrivals and ensuring each baby latches on to mum and feeds correctly from the moment they are born the socialisation process has begun .

In the days and weeks preceding birth the work really begins spending countless hours with our babies ensuring confident well socialised family pets that will be use to all that the world can throw at them.  Anything from household noises to other dogs and pets and children, our babies will be ready for anything.

We groom them all, bathe and dry them with warm towels, dry them with our hair dryer, clip their nails. We play with mum and babies daily, our children love to help and get involved.

At the age of four and a half weeks our puppies are completely weaned and are on solid food.  We feed only premium complete diet kibbles.

Puppies usually receive their microchips and vaccinations and full vet check during week 8 all puppies leave for their forever homes with a copy of both parents paperwork, microchip registration details, vaccination card and proof of vet check.  We also provide a one week supply of kibble, scent blanket with mums scent and a lifetime of help, friendship and advice from us.

Our puppies leave us at 8\10 weeks of age.

We insist on a puppy contract for all of our new puppy families.

The Importance of Socialisation

Gently handling our babies daily when they are newborn, introducing them to new sounds (washing machines,vacuum cleaner,fireworks etc).

Regular grooming and providing a variety of toys and games, ensuring that they are confident, calm and well rounded.

Our puppies love to play and play they Do!

Our children love nothing more to spend time with them and play.

Our puppies adore children, and this is important to us that our puppies go to families with young children.


Regular Vet Checks

Puppies Health Check

Our puppies receive regular vet checks to ensure they are perfectly healthy and flourishing.

We begin puppy pad training when our puppies start to move around and explore the world outside of their den.

Many of our puppies are house trained within 1-3 days of leaving us, and many more never even have an accident from the day they arrive to their new homes.

Our puppies will begin a worming programme from only a few weeks old which will continue until they leave us.

Our puppies are groomed regularly.

Our puppies will receive their first vaccination at 8 weeks as well as their microchip.

A record of this will be given to their new owners, also copy’s of both parents kennel club papers and DNA health papers.

Homing Process

Before our litters are born we ask interested families to send us detailed description of their family lifestyle, work hours, care plan etc.

We are of course looking for families that can provide a 5 star home and a lifetime of love and care for our little ones.

You will be asked questions about your previous and current dogs, if you have a fenced garden, if you plan on to spay or neuter ect. We want the best for them, we always agree to take them back if you can no longer care for them.

We are here for you for the future concerns. We are here for you for a lifetime of support!

Once our litter arrives and they are thriving, we begin to consider homes for them.  To secure one of our puppies, we ask for a non refundable deposit.  We then send you regular updates and pictures to the reserved families.

We are always available to answer any questions before and after collection of your puppy to help make the transition as perfect and as smooth as possible.

Cockapoo Waiting Lists

Waiting Lists

Homing Process

We do not produce long term waiting lists as this would not be fair to families.

As in short order we would have a list so long that it would take us years to complete, so we only open waiting lists for puppies that are actually here with us.

We usually open our lists when puppies are around three weeks old.

Prospective new families usually keep in contact with us and have priority when lists are opened.

You can contact us via email or telephone for information about upcoming litters.

Our waiting list is now OPEN

As our gorgeous puppies have now been born, we are opening our waiting list.

Please click the link below to complete a short questionnaire so we can learn a little more about you.  We will then be in touch!