Some information about our family dogs/breeding program

All our stunning girls have been either bred by us or carefully selected based on temperament and bloodlines.

Our girls are given a minimum of twelve months between litters and will whelp a maximum of four litters in their lifetime.

All dogs in our breeding program are excellent examples of their breed and are kennel club registered.
when breeding for cocker spaniels we always check with the kennel club for the inbreeding coefficient as with all traditional british breeds the gene pool is surprisingly small this is why we generally only breed cocker spaniels when we wish to keep some back for ourselves .

We mostly breed cockapoo’s as cross breeding provides a broad gene base producing a much more mentally stable dog and also greatly reduces the risk of congenital disease such as PRA. HIP DYSPLASIA AND MANY MORE .

About Us

Help End Puppy Mills

As licensed breeders we are council licensed and veterinary inspected and required to follow strict welfare practices.

We are very proud that we have been awarded a 5 star rating which is the highest achievable standard.

We specialise in cockapoos and cocker spaniel puppys only and do not produce any other breeds.

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and are always available to offer advice or support and will be for a lifetime.

Please do not support puppy mills or backyard breeders wherever you choose to buy your new family member. Please always choose professional licensed breeders whom dedicate their lives to their dogs and their welfare.

Our license number is available upon request .